The following are some samples of my recent and not so recent work. A brief description of how these pieces came about has been given to add context.

1. HT #SayThanks Campaign

Context : This was a campaign where I helped conceptualize the campaign and was the sole creative resource as far as copy was concerned. I feel like the Idea could have benefited with a more bold approach aesthetically but was understandably constrained by brand guidelines. Nevertheless, it had a pretty positive reception

Link :

2. California Walnuts’ “I heart Walnuts” campaign report

Context : This one I like for personal reasons as I was told to create a visually interesting video report for a successful campaign on a very low budget and very little time. So, it went from conceptualization to storyboarding to shooting and editing over literally just a couple of days shot with colleagues. The execution is rather amateur but I am still proud of the visual journey devised to showcase.

Link :

3. Cadbury’s #LoveToMeIs (Valentine’s Day Campaign 2014)

Context : This wasn’t a particularly large scale campaign and we didn’t have a huge budget but I like how it came together.

As the copywriter, the idea I had suggested was to celebrate Love in all its forms and not just the traditionally recognized romantic overtones we usually associate it with. I scripted the video and the approach on social media platforms was to cement that idea. – Campaign Launch Video

Some of the results achieved –

4. Idea’s 5 Million Fans Celebration – Musical ID 

Context : This was a campaign where the Idea was already in place but I was part of the creative team that executed the same.

Not only was I a copy resource for this, but also one of the “faces” for the campaign.

Link –


Chupa Chups Lolz – Fun ko seriously lo

Context : I didn’t spend a lot of time with The Glitch, but while I was employed there, this is one of the campaigns I was actively involved in as far as the tone, design and the direction of the campaign was concerned. The thought was to present Chupa Chups as a sort of irreverent, crazy but ultimately fun brand. I wrote the script for the following  video

Link –


Angels sang as the sands of time flew by.

Soft strains of violin carried me on waves to a place where time stops still and reality is the illusion.

Reached out for a touch and experienced pleasure, pain, the past, the future and everything in between all melted together in a case of absolute surrender to the elements.

The music never stopped, the words found their way, the blue and red became friends. It was complete nonsense, which sometimes is the best kind of sense. And in the middle of it all, there she was. She, the one with the smile to light up a million galaxies. She, the one with the quick wit and the raucous laughter. She, the one who was bewitching, who was wild, who made you want to jump of a mountain and climb trees and punch yourself awake.

It was at a friend’s housewarming party when I first met her. I was under many sorts of influence, dancing like an idiot like it’s nobody’s business. I had closed my eyes while I let the music and the mania take me over. When they opened, I saw her for the first time. The most utterly gorgeous creature I had ever laid my eyes upon. I was not quite sure if I was still just tripping…and yes, I stared too long. Then, She laughed. I laughed. We laughed together. For no reason but that we had to. ‘You dance really well’, she said to me. ‘You laugh really well’, said I. Look, don’t ask me why I said that. I just did. She looked at me funny and laughed some more……. Show off.

We talked. About everything but each other. About Space and Stars. Books. Religion. Cartoons. And why pizza is the best after about an hour from delivery (the cheese sets in but the meat still tastes fresh). You know? Anything.

‘You know what? You’re pretty awesome’, I finally blurted.

‘You’re not so bad yourself’ –

She. She said it. Hee Hee hee.

I didn’t much know her. But I was already crazy about this girl. She was all that. I wanted to kiss her on her pretty big lips, buy her expensive gifts and to make her laugh, go shopping with her, carry her bags, be best friends with her mom, marry the fuck out of her and grow into grandparents together. I wanted the full package with all the baggage that comes with it. But I didn’t say nothing. What? I am not creepy like that. C’mon, I had just met her.

I reached out to hold her hand. She smiled and let me. For the first time, we had found that comfortable silence. When nothing needs to be said. It’s the time when you lean in and kiss the girl. So I did. It was glorious. It was perfect. Then, we dozed off in a cuddle together for a couple of hours.

Her friend woke us. It was 7 in the morning. Time to leave. We walked out together to the compound’s gate while her friends waited for her in the rickshaw.

“Oye! What’s your name?”. There, I said it.

She laughed. I drooled. “Why don’t you find out?” and started walking backwards with her face to me.

“I need to see you again.”


“Because I think I might be in love with you.”

She stopped. She eyed me for a moment and then yelled out ‘Then, Chase me, Fool! Woo me. Win me over!’

I smiled. Both of us knew this wasn’t the end of it. She got in the auto. I turned to walk back into the compound. Running footsteps followed me. I look back to see her jump smack into me and lay another big one right on the lips. ‘See you on the other side’, she said and left just as fast. What did that even mean? I don’t know. I just liked the way she said it.




It was a strange time. Like the entire universe was a theater of the absurd. Any sense that was being made was buried underneath deep layers of pure, unadulterated and glorious nonsense. Yes, The 90s were a warped time to be growing up in. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Everything about the 90s seemed to be derived by a bunch of social scientists smoking the kind of stuff that would make the gods jump on the back of a giant pink ostrich and demand it to sing them a lullaby. The Internet was still an urban legend spoken about in hushed whispers by pimpled young boys because it was supposedly the home of beautiful, uncovered bosoms. And yeah, email shemail. The 90s changed everything. EVERYTHING.


Cable TV. 2 Beautiful little words. Two words that brought untold joy in living rooms across India. The tyranny of Doordarshan (DD) had ended. The remote control now had a job to do! There were sights, sounds and thoughts you had never imagined existed. Saanp Seedi was not just  board game anymore, Antakshari was not just  means to pass time while you had absolutely nothing else to do. Live cricket didn’t mean dusty seats at the back of the stadium anymore. A fight with your friend would not be about girls, money or god forbid, religion. You fought because he thought The Undertaker could kick Steve Austin’s ass and no, he did NOT just say that! Then one day, Baywatch came into our lives, and I could not understand why certain parts of my anatomy were acting the way they did. Good times, those.

And the cartoons! Dear God of heavens, the Cartoons! To escape reality, you became friends with a nerdy redhead kid who happens to a genius with a secret labhoratory, or superpowered young girls who are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. You could join the adventures of a Samurai across the earth. A samurai named JACK. As a kid , my mind was blown so often, I am still not sure I ever managed to put it all together back in place. And Nola, I am happy for you and imma gonna let you speak, but ‘Batman: The animated series’ was the best Batmanliness of all time. Of ALL TIME!

Image courtesy

The Joker’s nose alone was a super villain


The music in the 90s was no Beethoven. As a decade, It never really hit very high notes. But it did hit a lot of very very strange places on the way trying. It was a time when if you didn’t have a series of funny dance steps accompanying some strangely catchy tunes, you couldn’t really call it music. They had names like Macarena, Baaji Baaji Jumbo, Shala La La.  The songs and the videos that accompanied them were as subtle as the drunk uncle dancing at your cousins wedding party.

Image courtesy

Braazeeeelllll…lalalaLAAA….Now u’ll have that song stuck in your head. It’s ok, Thank me later

The decade also brought with it a curious cultural phenomenon that I am yet to wrap my head around: The Boy Band. It was frightening in its simplicity. Get bout 4-5 fresh-faced , slightly effeminate boys together, make them sing songs about love, longing and heartbreak and watch the dollars roll in. I hated it. But I wanted to be a part of it. Mostly for the money and the adoring female population. Now, that I think about it, It may have been a test run for Justin Beiber. Safety in numbers.


Now, by no means did the movie makers of that decade set the bar very high when it came to cinematic storytelling. Infact, they may just have forgotten the bar at home. But as any lover of the ‘Soooo bad , Its good’ genre of moviemaking will tell you, The 90s was a treasure chest full of rare and twisted gems. The focus was to entertain at any cost. Most of the time, they failed so spectacularly, that you couldn’t help but be hypnotized by the burning wreck. It was like a being inside a tornado, flying cows included .

These were times when our heroines still danced in transparent Saree in the rains, The mothers were still widows, The heroes were still allowed to have that little bit  of a paunch. Subtlety was frowned upon, kicked out of its bed and handed over to the police. It was ugly, It was BEAUTIFUL.

Image courtesy

Please bring back the bandanas and the giant Nehru hats! Pretty Pleeease?


I spent a better part of my childhood and most of my Teen years in the 90s. They were crazy, confusing, even painful times. I was so busy trying to make sense of all that was happening around me that I may have actually skipped the growing up part.  And for that, I thank the retarded, jumbled, breathtakingly glorious mess that was the 90s.  Now where can I get all the seasons of “I dream of Jeannie” in Hindi?


Years before Tarun Tejpal made this word a Journalism catchphrase , it was most famous as the title of a movie signifying excellence in so many ways that my body glows with a magnificence just with the memory of every moment from this cinematic tour de force! (My vocabulary beats the shit out of yours).

CAST:- DHARMENDRA “I am never too old for some ass-kicking” DEOL,  MUKESH “The last great Hammer” KHANNA, AMRISH “The Super Mega Villian”PURI,  NASEERUDDIN “I am doing this for the money”SHAH,  JAVED “Always the comic relief” JAFFEY,  ADITYA “Cant think of a cool middle name” PANCHOLI among others.

Tehelka is a Mission/Revenge Movie and since i suck at remembering character names i will proceed to give random ones again.

Colonel Khatarnaak (Mukesh Khanna) is a man on a mission. You see an year ago on one of his trips of kicking ass Col. Khatarnaak saved a bunch of frightened little girls from rape and slaughter at the hands of a Dictator from a neighboring country and his minions. Sure he lost a leg (he hardly noticed until after he got home and got around playing football in the neighborhood) and his daughter got abducted, but it was all in days work.

The Dictator being a nice old man (more on that later) gave him an year to prepare to get his daughter back , but like most of us before Exams, Col Khatarnaak only really paid attention a couple of weeks before due date. So when the time came, he quite wisely put together a team of 6 PEOPLE (including Himself) to take on the whole BLOODY army of DONGRILA.

Coming to DONGrila (hehehe…DONGrila, so many penis jokes just waiting to be made, but i shall not give into temptation, this is a classy blog), The Dictator Named the ENTIRE MATHAFACKIN country after himself ! How awesome is that?  Amrish Puri plays DONG as the cutest , most lovable MegaVillian you will ever come across (even Dr Evil). He is Old, he dances, he makes bad jokes, he plays tablas on the ladies’ butts (ok, he is a horny old man, but then whos ISNT?) , he gives traitors Really great feasts before executing them (great way to die). All in all, i was rooting for this guy.

So yeah, Col khatarnaak puts together a team of Badass, Dragon slaying, Fire Farting, Wall Smashing dangerous Commandos who Spit in the face of Fear for a living.  Well, sure they crossdress as really Ugly women (Naseeruddin Shah in Drag, yes thats him at the top there in the red and white striped swimsuit) to pick up the ladies, but then WHO HASNT? Also In this group was Major Faulaad played supremely tough by THE AWESOMELINESS, DHARMENDRA!. Dharmendra at 50+ kicking ass, Shooting rockets, Rock Climbing, World saving, Looking good and hardly breaking a sweat doing all that.

And to prove that there is no place for male chauvanism in this movie, this group of Scary Badass Men had a women! (Dont remember the name of the actress). Well sure, the first chance she got, she made sure she turned into a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by a Prettier Aditya Pancholi and then goes on to spend the rest of the time mostly doing Nothing, but Still LADY COMMANDO, Woohoo for Female Power!

Continuing with the theme of female empowerment, Let us have a quick multiple choice quiz.

You find this girl cute. She is an aide in your mission to overturn an evil dictatorship. She clearly likes you too and infact you too are more or less a couple. Too bad, she turns out to be a spy. WHA DO YOU DO?

A. You capture her and interrogate her  for all the military secrets she knows to gain a strategic advantage.

B. You Hold her captive and treat her like a POW and continue with your mission.

C. You use the fact that she has feelings for you to your advantage effectively making her a double agent with the benefit of continuing to get some action.


If your answer was D, then You are Naseeruddin Shah’s Character in the movie.

This Movie is  Treasure Island of BADASS ACTION scenes filled with Face-melting awesome sequences. I call one of these “THE ETHICAL Bees” Scene. Our Commando Team is Rock Climbing up a steep Cliff when all of a sudden some enemy soldiers show up for target practice….In a “Oh fuck, we’re Screwed” Position, Colonel Khatarnaak does wat any quick thinking Militaryman would do…he takes off his fake leg and throws it at a  conveniently placed Beehive. And the Bees, being morally upstanding chose the right path of completely ignoring the Rock Climbers and brutally attack the Soldiers at the top of the cliff. And ofcourse, as everybody knows that the only thing battle hardened, Death fighting soldiers cant take on are bee stings. U know it hurts.

This leads to More Awesome Law of physics and logic-defying scenes. Colonel Khatarnaak greviously injured and legless needs immediate surgery. The team gets to a hospital somehow, but it gets surrounded by an entire Platoon of the Dongrila army. At this point This memorable conversation takes place:-

Colonel Khatarnaak:- Go on without me You guys. Complete the mission. I,ll take on these sissies.

Major Faulaad (speaking for the group):- But Colonel, We cant leave you, There are like 20000 soldiers out there.

Colonel Khatarnaak:- Yeah, so?

Major Faulaad:- Youre right. Tata, cya. Kthnxbai.LOL

Colonel Khatarnaak being the baddest SOB out there creates a Automatically Reloading  Machine Gun Out of Just Sheer will and invisible matter proceeds to shoot the shit out of the PLATOON. Soldiers stand their waiting for their turn to die dumbfounded and awe stricken by the MANLINESS OOZING out of their Killer who is working his machine gun, having gallons of  rum and pleasuring willing beauties at the same time. (I may have exaggerated the scene a bit).

Finally Somebody says Fuck this shit and blows the Whole Darn Building. Why they waited until after losing more than half their men to do that is anybody’s guess. Thus The Brave Col Khatarnaak goes down in a blaze of Glory. Or does he?

The Rest of the movie goes as planned. Our Tough Group of 5-6 commandoes take down An Entire Army on their National Day Function which looked weirdly look like a School Fest. The Dictator is captured and given a fair trial by the Indian government with lots of International Media attention after which he spends a long life term in jail leading to a best selling autobiographical novel whereas peace and democracy is restored in Dongrila which is now just known as Rila the country.

Haha, Naah, who am i kiddin….Dong meets a violent death at the hands of Major Faulaad who breaks every bone in his body and then uses it do some arm curls and bench presses before throwing it into fire while he is still alive to slowly burn to an agonizing death. SWEET , HAPPY ENDING. I LOVE this movie.

P.S:- I know there are lots of fans out of there of this movie and i know i,ve left out a lot of awesomeness which couldnt be fit into just one post. But feel free to discuss them in your comments. I,ll wait.

P.S-P.S:- Shammi Kapoor has the cutest death scene acting u,ll ever come across in any movie EVER. I just wanted him to come back to life so that he could be killed again.

I love movies. They are the most fun form of storytelling out there. And i like my stories to be Loud, Outlandish, colourful, Silly and sometives even senseless. Or none of these. What it does eventually has to be is FUN.

And Thats the kind of Movies i will be discussing/Reviewing on my Blog occasionally from time to time. There will be major Spoilers since i fancy myself as a Storyteller (even when its been already screened) because whatever, I,ll do what i want!

So keeping that in mind, I intoroduce you to the awesome Movie SUHAAGRAAT! (a.k.a  I am Gonna Assume you are DEAD!)

Its Not a Hindi porno, No. Late 60s melodrama. Starring  jeetendra and the rest of the actors whose names i dont remember. I also Dont Remember the names of the characters from the movie so from hereon i will just name them whatever i want to. Because Whatever, I,LL DO WHAT I WANT!

Ok, The movie Starts with Jaggi (Jeetendra) , an Armyman comes back to his hometown on a vacation. Now bear in mind that Jaggi is the Most Sissyboy Lookin Armywallah u,ll eve come across. Tight uniform, girly walk, and i think Lipstick. Anyways moving on, Once back , he catches up with his childhood love Billo (Rajshree, Google says so). Jaggi and Billo prance and skip aound town and sing mushy songs abt how awesome Edward and Bella are and are generally happy in their own lil Sissy Kingdom.

BUT THEN, Its Tragedy TIME! China starts bombing India. And Sissy boy has to cut the vacation short and report for duty. He tearfully bids goodbye to his love and gets on the next train to the battleground. China Bloody BOMBS the FUCKIN TRAIN (or i thnk it does, well something gets blasted, its been a while since i saw that darn movie). Anyways, Billo Assumes Jaggi is now in the form of countless pieced of rotting carcass, or other words Dead).

But SISSYBOY Survives, he is in the army hospital with the WOUND Bandana (U know, that white cloth with one big red circle on the side, kinda like a misplaced japansese flag). And he wants to go back to his sweetiepie, his  honeybuns, his coochiepoo,u get the drift. He goes back to his Hometown only to fond that the CHINESE FUCKIN BOMBED it TOO! (I think). He Finds Billo’s Dupatta in his former neighborhood and assumes she must be maggot lunch by now, a.k.a DEAD.

But Billo SURVIVED. well everybody else in her family dead except some distant chacha….and he gets her married off to some young thakur. Now this aint no ordinary Thakur, this is a Wife-ignoring, Binge-drinking, Brothel/Theka visting, Spit Spewing Thakur! (added the last one on my own. dramatic effect). i will call him Noora.Well,Noora isnt  as much evil as someone who is just stupid and doesnt give a shit. On one of his Theka visting trips, some dude hits on his Favorite Bargirl and Noora loses it, smashes the dude’s head in and brutally kills him (for good). After that one act of Badassery,Noora panics, starts running like a girl with a whole bunch of people (including Policemen in SHORTS!) with not much to do chasing him. Noora is so intense in his running that he runs off a bridge into a river. Naturally, since nobody ever survives that, nobody tries to rescue him and he is assumed to be lickin the bottom of the ocean, that is DEAD.

In the Meanwhile, Sissyboy Jaggi spends most of his time crying, growing a beard and lying about in a temple. A Nice Old lady locates the bum Jaggi and since homeless bums are so cute and adorable, she takes him home and gives him a job managing her entire property since he is educated and all. Only thing is that the nice old lady is NOORA’s MUM and Billo’s Mum-in-LAW! Well soon enough, Billo and Jaggi run into each other and have a conversation which from what i remember something  like this

Jaggi- OMIGOSH! Ur Alive!

Billo- HOLY CRAP! So r u!

Jaggi- So…..Wassup!

Billo- Not much. Got married and shit

Jaggi- Hmm…I still love you…..Wanna fuck?

Billo- Naah. I am a married indian women and i gotta uphold my values , morals and shit. Also, am having my periods.

Jaggi-Eww… Well, there is no point for me to stick around i guess. With you around….i,ll just miss the good ole prancin around times too much. BBYEEEE…..

Meanwhile, surprise, surprise, NOORA is  alive, still running and just for kicks,sneaks in for a night into his room, tells his wife not to tell anybody(have no idea why). Then proceeds to make sweet love to her. And slips out again because he enjoys being chased so much.

Billo promptly gets pregnant, everybody calls her a slut because her hubby is assumed dead long ago. And is thrown out of the house inspite of having a living being inside of her becuz thats how they dealt with it 60s style.

Hereon, i dont remember the whole story as well and it gets hazy. Just the flashpoints. Billo raises baby on her own. Noora is still running, still being chased, but now disguised in a Pandit/Rishi costume. And somehow Noora , , Billo and Jaggi all end up in the same place. Jaggi dresses up in Nooras Pandit disguise and makes the ultimate sacrifice of getting beaten to death by an unrelenting mob which wants nothing more than to chase  a man for like, what, 12 years? So Kid gets the dad who fucked his mum and then abandoned them for years. Billo watches her one true love die for a man who was never there for her besides being the reason for all her misery. Noora gets a wife he never wanted and a child he didnt know he had. And Jaggi, uh, well Jaggi ends up DEAD (I assume).


Welcome! You have entered the word of my blog which is the 678996th most awesome thing you,ll ever encounter. Cuz i am that damn good. Now this isnt about me.Because even though i am an incredibly handsome, super talented, Lung splatteringly awesome, i am not a vain person.

This Blog is about movies.That and popular culture. and annoying dumbfucks. and life. and philosophy. and me .( I know i said it wasnt. My blog. Deal with it)

Anyways, Am sure you are gonna love it. Because well, the truth is that Justin beiber is a girl and the world is a  cruel, mocking, dreadful place. Thats got nothing to do with my blog, but it IS the Truth. So join me on this wonderful journey where we shall explore the deep, ravenous tunnels of the human psyche and come out with cookies on the other side.

Bring your own lunch.